Photo Credit:  Ramon Dompor  

Photo Credit: Ramon Dompor 

I am a magazine journalist and fact-checker based in the Pacific Northwest. My work has appeared in The Daily Beast, Discover Magazine, Hakai Magazine, Harper's, Huffington PostJSTOR Daily, Matter, MediumNatureNature Medicine, National Public Radio, Nautilus, The New YorkerPublic Radio International, Science, Scientific AmericanSTAT News, The Open NotebookViceWashington Postamong others. I am biased towards writing dispatches that remove me from the American news circus, stories about science, and tales of the unexpected and oftentimes important connections in the world. 

In 2016, I received a grant through the Pulitzer Center to investigate Southeast Asia's palm oil industry and was selected as a fellow in Michael Pollan’s UC Berkeley-11th Hour Food and Farming Journalism Fellowship. I am an at-large board member of the Northwest Science Writers Association and received Hostile Environment & First Aid Training in 2018. 

Prior to journalism, I was pursuing my doctoral degree in cancer biology. When I realized I'd rather admire science from afar than decide which weekend day I'd sacrifice to plan out lab experiments, I traded in my pipettes for a pen, notepad, and the willingness to frequently go outside my comfort zone. I've described the leap from academia to journalism to Chronicle Vitae and in my own words.

When I’m not reporting or tinkering with words, I’m likely scaling walls, biking through the persistent Seattle drizzle, or somewhere in the world with very poor or non-existent cell phone reception. I have a knack for booking one-way flights and ordering items like "fried squail" off the menu in foreign countries.