I'm writing the text on this page on January 24 2017, which means we're officially under the Trump Administration and facts are as important as ever.

My start in journalism was as a fact-checking intern at Nautilus in March 2014, and I've been consistently helping magazines and authors ensure that the material that they will publish is 110% accurate. Last year, I helped author and journalist Meredith Wadman fact-check and research sections of her book, The Vaccine Race: Science, Politics, and the Human Costs of Defeating Disease. I have done research for stories that appeared on Matter, am a regular fact-checker for bioGraphicDiscover Magazine, JSTOR Daily, Knowable, OMNI, Proto MagazineQuanta Magazineand Spectrum.

If you're an editor who needs an extra set of eyes, or an author who has a book ready for fact-checking, I'd love to help out. Please send a note to me by email: wudan.yan@gmail.com.


Updated: 7 April 2018