My start in journalism was as a fact-checking intern at Nautilus in March 2014, and I've been consistently helping magazines and authors ensure that the material that they will publish is 110% accurate.

In 2016, I helped author and journalist Meredith Wadman fact-check and research sections of her book, The Vaccine Race: Science, Politics, and the Human Costs of Defeating Disease.

I have done research for stories that appeared on Matter, am a regular fact-checker for bioGraphicDiscover Magazine, JSTOR Daily, Knowable, OMNI, Proto MagazineQuanta Magazine, Spectrum, and Undark.

If you're an editor who needs an extra set of eyes, or an author who has a book ready for fact-checking, I'd love to help out. Please send a note to me by email:

My rates start at $50/hour for new clients, and negotiable for book projects.


Stories I’ve fact-checked:

The launch, California Sunday Magazine

When measles arrives: breaking down the anatomy of containment, Undark

Genetics extends the long arm of the law, Knowable

Marijuana: an environmental buzzkill, Discover